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Mangrove Kayaking at Purple Island

Posted On: 7 November 2023 08:00 am Updated On: 8 November 2023 03:54 pm
Categories : Entertainment
Mangrove Kayaking at Purple Island

Events Details

Location: Purple Island, Qatar
Date: 7 November 2023 - 31 December 2023
Time: 06:00 am - 06:00 pm
Ticket Purchase: Online
  • Adult - 240 QR
  • Child 12-7 yrs - 120 QR
  • Kids 6-2 yrs - 60 QR
Phone: +97433194445
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The kayaking tour through the mangrove forest near Al Khor, Qatar, offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and explore this unique ecosystem.

Here are some key details and experiences you can expect:

  • Location: The tour takes place at Purple Island, which is approximately 55 kilometres from Doha, making it easily accessible.
  • Fitness Level: The tour is suitable for individuals of any fitness level, and no prior kayaking experience is needed.
  • Swimming Skills: You do not need swimming skills to participate in this tour, as the water depth is mostly shallow (maximum 1.5 meters).
  • Tour Duration: The tour lasts around 90 minutes, with a break inside the mangrove channel and a second break at Purple Island.
  • Age Requirement: Children aged 2 years and above can join the tour if accompanied by their parents.

What to expect:

1. Kayaking: You will have the opportunity to kayak smoothly through the mangroves, guided by experienced instructors.

2. Wildlife Observation: The area is home to Qatar's diverse wildlife, and you can observe and learn about the local fauna during the tour.

3. Bird Watching: The mangrove forest is a haven for bird lovers, and you can enjoy bird-watching as you paddle through the channels, especially during the sunset.

4. Break at Purple Island: You will have a short break at Purple Island, a historic site known for its cultural and natural significance.

5. Swimming & Snorkeling: Enjoy a swimming and snorkelling break at Purple Island, allowing you to cool off and explore the marine environment.

6. Mangrove Ecosystem Education: Learn about the importance of the mangrove ecosystem and its unique characteristics during the tour.

What's included:

1. Kayaking Fundamentals & Safety Instructions: Receive guidance on kayaking basics and important safety instructions.

2. Kayaking Equipment: All necessary kayaking equipment is provided, including paddles, life jackets, and a choice of single or double kayaks.

3. 90 Minutes of Kayaking: Enjoy a 90-minute kayaking adventure through the mangrove forest.

4. Free Beverages: Stay refreshed with complimentary beverages, including bottled water and juices during the tour.

5. English/Arabic Speaking Tour Guides: Knowledgeable tour guides fluent in both English and Arabic will accompany you.

6. Certified Lifeguard and First-Aid Support: Certified lifeguards and first-aiders are available, along with qualified instructors, to ensure your safety.

7. Bird Watching and Mangrove Education: Explore the mangrove ecosystem while observing various bird species.

8. Access to Bedouin Camp Facility: After kayaking, relax in a Bedouin camp with mangrove views. The camp offers various amenities, including a bonfire and recreational activities.

9. Marine Insurance: Your safety is a top priority, and marine insurance is provided for added peace of mind.

About Purple Island:

Purple Island has a rich history, serving as a fishing and pearl diving site for locals. Its name comes from the production of purple dye extracted from murex snails found on the island. This historical site dates back to the second millennium BC and offers a serene and natural setting, making it an excellent escape from the bustling city.

Purple Island is known for its greenery and exotic wildlife, including fossils. It's particularly beautiful during high tide.

What to bring:

Remember to bring closed shoes or sandals suitable for wet conditions, comfortable kayaking attire, a change of clothes, a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or cap, a waterproof case for your phone, and a refillable water bottle to help reduce plastic waste.

This kayaking tour provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, learn about the mangrove ecosystem, and enjoy the tranquillity of Purple Island. It's suitable for families and individuals looking for a relaxed and easy paddle in a beautiful natural setting.

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