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Preschool Gardeners Academy in Doha

Posted On: 22 October 2023 07:30 am Updated On: 25 October 2023 10:16 am
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Preschool Gardeners Academy in Doha

Events Details

  • Location: Education City Micro-Farm, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Date: 29 October 2023 - 17 December 2023
  • Time: 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm
  • Ticket Purchase: Online
  • Price: Single Session - 90 QR 4 Week Course - 300 QR
  • Phone: 5020 2681
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://hadiqaa.com/
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Welcome to Tiny Gardeners, a magical adventure where little hands explore the wonders of nature. In our vibrant garden space, preschoolers are invited to embark on an enchanting journey filled with fun, creativity, and sensory exploration.

Whimsical and Engaging Activities:

  1. Planting Magic: Using child-friendly tools, our little gardeners will plant seeds and flowers in pots, learning how plants grow from seeds to full bloom.
  2. Sensory Garden Exploration: Discover the joy of touch, smell, sight, and sound as we explore different textures of soil, leaves, and flowers, and listen to the birds and rustling leaves.
  3. Story Time in the Garden: Gather around for garden-themed storytelling, sparking imagination and connection with nature’s characters like bugs, birds, and flowers.
  4. Miniature Fairy Gardens: Create whimsical miniature gardens filled with tiny plants, fairy houses, and magical creatures, perfect for young imaginations.
  5. Craft Time with Nature’s Gifts: Let creativity blossom using leaves, flowers, and other natural materials to create beautiful garden art.
  6. Wiggly Worm Exploration: Learn about the role of worms in the garden through gentle, hands-on exploration, observing how they move and help the soil.
  7. Song and Dance in the Garden: Enjoy garden-themed songs and dances that celebrate the joy of nature and help little ones express themselves.
  8. Water Play: Watering plants becomes a delightful sensory experience, understanding the importance of water to life.

Safety and enjoyment are our top priorities, with activities supervised by experienced educators trained to nurture curiosity and creativity in preschool-aged children.

Join the Sprouts Adventure Club:

This 4-session series, priced at just 75 QAR per session, offers an introduction to the wonders of the natural world, presented in an age-appropriate and engaging way.

Your child will return home with their planted seeds, crafted art, and a heart filled with the joy of discovery.

Included: all tools and materials.

Please note: Parents presence is required.

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