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Summer Face Off Party

Posted On: 23 July 2008 12:34 pm Updated On: 3 November 2022 05:22 pm
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Summer Face Off Party

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  • Date: 1 January 1970
  • Time: 04:00 am - 04:00 am
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24/7 Entertainments



On 24th July 2008 @ the Diplomatic Club Royal Tent.


3 Internationals DJs


From Paris:

Starz Angels


2 talented performers that Incursion with H3 style, after Africa, Asia, Europe and USA, now we are pointing.

Qatar is the first country incursion of the Stars Angels for the Middle East part.

Be ready!!!

From Netherlands:

4 Strings


the New Year’s Dance Parade honored guest and specially with the release of “take me away “in Qatar for the first time, as we promised... The legend is back and only after few months, “Qatar Fever”.

Again Be Ready Doha!!!!

As it is the summer party time in Qatar, we will distribute for free the last releases.

Starz Angels will give away their summer album H3 VOL: 1 and their branded T-Shirts that have been designed in Paris only for the Summer Face off Event in Qatar.

Be there early to be sure to get your T-Shirts or CD’s (Limited Quantity)

Starz Angels:

The new unavoidable musical trend is brought to Doha by the Starz Angels. These two diamonds have invented a unique concept, combining Electro House rhythms and Hip-hop flows: The Electro H Cube

Each one was evolving with talent in its respective universe and had already set on fire Paris, London, Marrakech, Porto, Cayenne, Alger and Tunis dance floors when they decided to join forces in order to create a sound as rich, mixed and colorful

To share this universal music, Starz Angels deserved, for their first performance, an event that would match their image: famous and spectacular! It is thus at the Techno Parade 2006 that these two wicked DJs crossed Paris in the middle of a sizzling crowd. Carried by a conquered and demanding public, Starz Angels choose to offer new and unheard mixes to the four corners of the globe. Their tour in Thailand took them from the Full Moon party of Koh Phangan, to the exclusive evenings in Chaweng lake view or the cultissime Green Mango of Koh Samui. At the Winter Music Conference of Miami Beach in 2007, they played among the masters of Djing Andy More, Darude and DJ Tarkan.

Performing regularly in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Marbella, the Starz Angels have chosen to extend their presence in order to spread their musical message.

They play a one hour radio mix each Saturday evening on many radios, web radios, and are currently preparing their own WebTV show. They are just released their new Album H3 Summer Volume 1.

… Welcome into the Electro H Cube

4 Strings:

Behind the name 4 Strings hide 2 musicians: Carlo Resoort (March 1st, 1973) and Jan de Vos (August 9th, 1974). The two have known each other since 1986. In 1990 they became interested in dance music, and from that moment on, they started making their own music. All their spare time was spend in the studio. Throughout the next couple of years not only did their skills expand but also the amount of equipment in their studio? With the new tools and experience that they had, they could finally discover in which direction they wanted to go with their musical careers: Carlo decided to stay in the studio while Jan found his passion in mixing and started his DJing career.

Jan is playing world wide as "DJ 4 Strings" while Carlo keeps the good beats coming as "4 Strings" as well as under his own name

4 Strings also collaborated with new vocalists for ‘Catch a fall’ featuring Andrea Britton.

In September 2007 Ultra Records invited DJ 4 Strings to make an Ultra Trance compilation; the compilation was released on October 9 2007 and is available for purchase in music stores and online.

Stay tuned and be amazed by one of the best dance music producer/DJ duo in the world!

D Mike:


He is one of the few Qataris to be what he is today, spinning tribal electro & trance music.

Dj D Mike performed with most of the known djs that visited Qatar in the past few years, the

Likes of 4 Strings, Christopher Lawrence, Marco v, Nakadia, John Askew…to name just a few.

D Mike has played all over the World from the UK and Romania, to France and Egypt.

D Mike has played at all the top venues and exclusive VIP Parties in his home city of Doha.

These prestigious events have included, The Moto GP, the Qatar Open, Battle of the DJs, Car Launches, Rain Dance, and Fashion Shows to name just a few.

More recently D Mike has taken up residency at Doha?s leading nights.

With a love for all music D Mike has put on a range of fantastic and successful events and concerts himself.

being the first to bring the likes of Shaggy, UB40, Jounoon, the French DMC champion 2008 Dj nelson,DJ Q-bert and Dj miss torn and many more to Doha- Qatar.

If you are still in Doha join us in the Diplomatic Club Royal Tent.

Be there for the summer...

Ticket Price: Only 100 RQ


No VIP place we want everybody on the dance floor enjoying the summer all together.

Pre-cell Ticket will be available in 2 Days.

Strictly over 21+ to get in.

I.D card will be requested at the entrance.


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